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What are my costs?

Our pricing is very simple: We give you one price that breaks down to the cost per label and total cost. There are no hidden fees (set-up, change fees, plate fees or die fees). That means you can have any shape and color you need at no extra charge.

The additional cost if pertinent would be shipping.

What does the process look like?

Once you have your design, you can either fill out a quick quote form, call or email us. We will give you an estimate when we know the (size, quantity and material). From there our design team will set up a digital proof or physical proof for you to approve. Once approved and paid for, your order will go into production. You will get notified as your order goes through the process (ie. your order is in production, your order has shipped).

What’s the turnaround time?

“Our turnaround time depends on the demand in the market. We will always strive to under promise, over achieve.

How do the labels come?

The labels will come in rolls on 3” cores, and depending on width you need, we can accommodate. We will also individually chop your labels and stickers if needed. Just make sure you specify that when you order.

What format do I need to send my digital files?

The ideal format is an .ai file or high quality .pdf (note: If we are adding white ink to your artwork, we must have an original vector file .ai). Note: When sending Illustrator or .EPS files please ensure that your fonts are outlined and links embedded.

How to “upload” your artwork?

The best way to upload your artwork is to simply email it to our member of sales team.

What if I need design help?

Our team is able to make minor design changes for you. By that, we mean minor font adjustments, spelling errors, minor formatting. If you are looking for a complete label design, logo creating, or branding, we have wonderful freelance designers that we will happily put you in contact with.

What types of materials do you offer?

We print onto a large variety of self-adhesive label stock, including paper and film substrates. Find out more about our paper types in our Materials Guide.

I need my labels printed on a special type of paper, is it possible?

Our equipment is compatible with a huge range of different label materials. Already have a specific type of paper in mind, or a sample you’d like to send us? Write to us using the contact form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help!

Can I get a press proof / exact sample of my label?

Want to know exactly what your labels will look like when they come out of production? We would be happy to produce a colour proof for you for a check

Why does the colour of the labels not look like it does on the computer screen?

A common problem here is that screens do not provide a true representation of colours. Screens work using the »RGB« colour space and sometimes produce colours that are slightly different from how they appear when printed. We use the four process colours of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and Pantone for printing. Conversion between colour spaces can result in isolated variations in colour. These can be countered by using professionally-produced print data created in CMYK and a colour proof that we provide.

Which payment options can you do?

You can pay for your jobs using PayPal, West Union, T/T transfer, etc.

I’m not happy with the quality of my labels, what should I do?

If, despite our high quality standards, you identify a production defect, get in touch with us so that we can deal with your concern. Write to us using the Contact Form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Theoretically speaking we can print you 1 label, but it wouldn’t be very cost-effective! Our production set up includes making plate, making die-cut mold, matching colors of print, we’ll charge a minimum costs for covering setting up our machines.We are of course perfectly happy to provide you a quote for fewer labels.