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Common label forms and features

1.Shrinkable sleeve
2.Circling beacon
3.Intramode standard
4.Wet label
5.Self-adhesive label
6.Direct print label

Tag description

1. Shrinkable sleeve

● Widely used in beverage, daily chemical industry

● Label material is usually PVC or PS, no glue

● Label 360° wrap the bottle, can provide support for the bottle, reduce the size of the bottle

● Low price tag

● High production efficiency, labeling speed up to 36,000 bottles /h

2. Surround the mark

● Widely used in food, daily chemical and other applications

● Label material is usually transparent BOPP or white pearlescent film, bonded by hot melt adhesive edge.

● Label 360° Wrap bottle body

● The label and the bottle body are not directly fit (easy to loose, wrinkling and other phenomena)

● Low price tag

● High production efficiency

3. Mold internal standard

● Mainly used in food, daily chemical and other fields, usually used for labeling environment more harsh applications, such as low surface energy barrels (easy to deformation), or low temperature wet paste, storage temperature for low temperature products and other applications.

● The label material is PP or PE material; And integrated with the bottle body, better weather resistance, no glue.

● Usually with extrusion blow molding or injection molding process, the production efficiency is low.

● Suitable for applications with fewer or smaller SKUs, where the label is not properly attached or the information needs to be updated, and the entire package needs to be scrapped.

4. Wet glue label

Low cost, mainly used in the food industry.

● The label surface material is paper, using starch based glue to achieve bonding, natural drying after labeling.

● Affected by the climate, the label is too slow to dry at low temperature, the label is easy to deform or warp, and the label surface material is few (usually paper).

● Label use process is susceptible to environmental effects (humidity, friction, etc.)

5. Self-adhesive label

● Widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, electronics, home appliances and other industries.

● Wide selection of surface materials – paper, film, synthetic paper, etc., can be combined with different printing processes (flexographic/relief/silkscreen/offset printing, etc.) and post-processing (glazing/film coating/hot stamping), the use of pressure sensitive adhesive, wide applicability.

● Perfect fit between label and product.

● Good shelf effect, but the cost is high

6. Direct printing

● Suitable for metal, paper box, plastic and other directly printable packaging, widely used in food, daily chemical and other fields.

● Packaging costs are related to packaging and printing methods.

● Printing methods – relief plate, adagio, screen, gravure, digital, offset printing, etc

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