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Self adhesive clear labels and stickers

Clear labels are an excellent way to elevate the appearance of any product. The transparent, “no show” edges allow for a seamless look between your label and the rest of your packaging. This is ideal for any type of product or industry, and is especially popular among beauty and luxury brands. Itechlabel.com makes it easy to get this sophisticated look yourself, with a variety of clear materials to choose from.

Labels on Sheets

For labels on sheets, we offer three transparent materials: Clear Gloss, Clear Gloss Weatherproof, and Frosty Clear Matte. Clear Gloss offers that traditional seamless look along with a glossy, high-shine finish. Clear Gloss Weatherproof offers this same great style, while incorporating a more durable finish. This weatherproof alternative is ideal for any products that will be exposed to water or moisture of any kind. Lastly, Frosty Clear Matte delivers the clear label look with a matte, frosty finish. This can be a fun alternative to traditional glossy labels while still giving your products the luxury “no label” look.

When it comes to labels on sheets, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of printing on transparent materials. We are unable to print white color on any transparent sheet material, and all other colors will be printed as semi-transparent. In order to print white ink on a clear material or have your other colors printed as fully opaque, you will need to have your labels printed on rolls and supply us a vector file of your artwork.


Labels on Rolls

When it comes to labels on rolls, our Clear BOPP Permanent material is your go-to for transparent labels. This material offers the same great features as our sheet products, along with advanced durability and style. Resistant to both water and oil, Clear BOPP is perfect for any product with essential oils or those intended for the shower or bath. It promises long-lasting performance and the sleek, seamless look of a high end brand.

This material is also perfect for printing white ink. If you have white text, icons, or other artwork elements on your clear label, you’ll want to choose this material and indicate your preference for white ink printing, along with sending a vector file of your artwork. This ensures that the white color will print on the transparent material, and can also be used to produce more solid, vibrant colors for your entire design. This is a perfect alternative to the semi-transparent look that our clear sheet materials provide.

Still unsure about which clear material is right for you? Try before you buy with our free samples! Select your choice of both blank and printed materials to see our labels in action. Our dedicated experts are also available to help answer any questions or guide you toward the right material for your project. Contact us today!